Our work with your child will focus on responding to, and helping you respond to, your child’s unique needs, emotions, and behaviors. This will often include sessions with your child, contact with each of his or her caregivers, as well as connecting with other important adults in your child’s life to gain a holistic understanding of his or her strengths and challenges. We believe strongly in collaborating with parents and caregivers in order to provide the greatest support possible. You are an essential component of your child’s therapy.  As appropriate, we may invite you to join a session with your child, bring other family members to a session, or recommend a family meeting or ongoing family sessions.

Therapy with children between the ages of 6 – 12 will often involve play, art, storytelling, games, and other expressive modalities. For children, toys are their words and play is their language. Play, used in a therapeutic setting, provides children the opportunity to externalize their inner thoughts, feelings, worries, and questions in a way that they can witnessed and understood.

Without ways to express and externalize thoughts and feelings, children often end up communicating with the adults in their lives the only way they know how, through their behavior. While these behaviors may be your child’s best attempt to cope with and navigate difficult things in their life, they may also limit your child’s ability to thrive and may cause new challenges and problems for him or her in the future.

Utilizing a combination of non-directive and directive play therapy practices, mindfulness skills, and expressive modalities, we will work with you and your child to find new ways of understanding his or her emotions and navigating challenges.