anderson-family-therapy-adultsSteeped in the Internal Family Systems approach, our individual therapy work is person-centered. Instead of seeing people as inherently flawed, and instead of defining people by their their mental health diagnoses, we believe that people already have the ability to identify and change their own problematic behaviors. Sometimes, you just need a little help finding and using the resources you possess.

Each of us is composed of many parts, each of which plays a specific role. It’s like having an entire family inside your head, each of which has its own ideas about how to respond to the large and small things that come up in your day to day life. It can get overwhelming. In emotionally charged situations, you can start to feel flooded, controlled by your emotions or closed off from them entirely. Yet underneath the chaos is the Self, the calm, centered, confident you that has the power to use each part skillfully and navigate life as you want to live it.

We use a simple, warm, and optimistic model to help you access the Self. Through gentle curiosity, compassion, and skillful exploration of your story, we help you understand and validate each part. In the process, you become a more Self-led individual, making active choices rather than reacting to the situations at hand. This model builds on your successes: In our sessions, we ask what has gone well and how we can foster more wins, rather than dwelling on how to fix what hasn’t gone as you’d like.

Learn more about the Internal Family Systems model.